Friday, 26 July 2013


Delhi, because of increasing crime rate and rape cases has become a very dangerous place to live in and it has also been named as the Rape Capital of India as maximum numbers of rape cases are reported from this city.
There is not a single day when we don’t get to hear that there are no rape cases or molestation is not done. We regularly see the victims either ending up their life or go to depression. When such inhumane kind of activities go around our city, how can we feel safe about our family members and especially our mother, sisters, daughters, wife because we cannot be with them all the time, so it’s time we do something for their safety.
In western countries, many women use Stun Gun for their safety. A stun gun is a device which gives electric shock when you switch on it and make its body contact with a person. So, if this device is with a woman then she can move around alone safely because if someone tries to attack her then she can use the stun gun to protect her own self. The stun gun with its electric shock will make the attacker unable for sometime but it will never injure someone fatally, and when the attacker becomes unconscious one can easily fled from that place.

A stun gun is also known as safety gun or Taser Gun and it is slowly gaining popularity in India too. Because of the increasing crime scenes and rape cases, women feel insecure and feel afraid to go out but if there is safety gun with a lady then she will have the self confidence to move out freely. 

In India there many working women who travel alone, so the use of stun gun will make them safe and secure. In the metro cities many young girls who come from small towns and villages to study and to earn, live alone so, they often become the target of some cheap minded people. But if they keep a stun gun with them, they will be able to protect themselves because every time the police will not be on time to save.
Moreover, the stun gun only paralyzes the person for only 20-25 minutes and he will not be able to move for that period of time and in that time one can either run away from that place or seek help from others for safety.

A safety gun is very easy to use as it like a toy gun or a mobile phone and it is very light in weight, so one can easily carry it along in a purse or pocket. So, preparing for a danger is very good way to remain safe and secure. Keep a stun gun and be safe at any moment of the day.

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