Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taser Gun in India

It is the time that we must understand that women’s are not safe in anywhere in the world. If you watch any news channel there is most of headlines are of women’s rape. And it is increasing day by day; even a police or our government is unable to stop these cases. So it is time for women to take their responsibility by own self.  There is only one way to protect their selves from such cases by using some self defense products, one of them is Taser gun. Taser gun is a electronic device specially made up for women’s security purposes. It is very small in size you can put these guns in your purse. You can defense yourself from attack. With the use of these devices the attacker is unable to do anything for approx 30 minutes. These guns have a high voltage with low current which makes the attacker injured for few minutes.

Every parents is afraid to send their daughter outside the home, because they think that their daughter is not safe. In today date there is no difference in women and men. Women’s can do everything like a man but only because of one reason they are behind that they are not safe. This issue can be removed if every woman uses a self defense product like Taser gun. 

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